Starting Storyteller

Startup warning

Storyteller will track the changes in a single open directory. Tracking changes can be turned on and off at any time as long as there is an open directory is VS Code.

Whenever VS Code is started with the Storyteller plugin and a directory is NOT open a warning message like the one above will be displayed. If the user is not interested in using Storyteller this warning can be dismissed and no changes will be tracked.

Tip: An open directory is required because Storyteller stores all of the changes it records in a special directory called .storyteller. The open directory is where this special one will be stored. To open a directory in VS Code go to the File menu and select Open a Folder...

Creating a new project

To start a brand new project:

Starting from an existing project

Open existing project

If Storyteller has tracked a directory in the past there will be a hidden directory named .storyteller that holds the project's historical data. Whenever a directory is opened (using VS Code and the Storyteller plugin) that has this special sub-directory, Storyteller automatically continues to track changes in the directory. There is no need to log in again. On subsequent startups, VS Code opens the last used folder by default so working over multiple programming sessions is automatic. A message will be displayed that shows the current active developer.

Stop tracking changes

Stop tracking

The user can stop Storyteller from tracking changes by opening the command pallette and typing in "Storyteller: Stop Tracking This Project". No new data will be recorded after that point.

Later, if the user would like to start tracking changes again they can open the command pallette and type in "Storyteller: Start Tracking This Project" or hit the "Start Storyteller" button in the status bar. The system will reconcile the changes since stopping when it is started up again.

Tip: If at anytime a user would like to delete the entire recorded Storyteller history all they have to do is delete the .storyteller directory.

File Reconciliation

On start up, Storyteller will reconcile any changes made to the file system outside of VS Code. If one or more files or directories are added outside of VS Code they will be added to the Storyteller data in one large block with a single timestamp. A diff is run against each existing file on start up to check for changes made outside of VS Code. If any changes are found then they will be added to the Storyteller data in a single block with a single timestamp.

If any files or directories are removed outside of VS Code, Storyteller will prompt to see if the user wants to add them back. If so, the existing Storyteller data will be used to recreate them on the file system. This prevents accidental deletion or deletions by other tools.

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