Storyteller is a programming language independent editor plugin that generates web pages that recreate and animate entire programming sessions. Developers can playback their work and add comments to describe the evolution of their code. Playbacks are simple web pages that can easily be shared with others.

Playback Overview

The author of a playback can use it to reflect on their work to understand what went well and what didn't. They can create a narrative about how and why the code evolved the way it did. Collections of these playbacks can be used:

Tip: Check out this brief demo of how to use Storyteller or this older video demo of Storyteller!

Below are some links to resources to help learn about Storyteller. There are resources that show how to use the tool to view playbacks. There are resources that describe how to use the editor and how to create playbacks. Finally, there is a resource that describes Storyteller as a version control system.

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